November 2, 2020 Released

A Star Quantum Raises 300 Million Yen in Series A Funding and Announces Strategic Alliance with Dentsu

~ Fundraise fuels development of quantum computing software and application development ~


TOKYO, Japan, Nov. 2, 2020 -- A Star Quantum (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan, President: Koji Funabashi), a leading provider of quantum computing, has completed a Series A fund raising round in the amount of a total of 300 million Japanese Yen (=USD2.85 million)from Abies Ventures, Dentsu Group, NEC Capital Solutions, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, NBC Angel Fund No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership, and Plug and Play Japan and Plug and Play Tech Center in the United States. Along with the funding, it also announces a strategic alliance with Dentsu with the aim of developing and implementing new marketing solutions by optimizing TV advertising spots utilization using quantum computer software.



“A Star Quantum is a leader in quantum computing not only in Japan but also in the world by solving real-world business problems in logistics and advertising today,” said Fuyuki Yamaguchi, Representative Director / Managing Partner of Abies Ventures. “As a venture capital seeing a huge potential in quantum computing, we are proud to lead the funding round and looking forward to supporting A Start Quantum further implementing solutions globally and contributing to the society.”


Fuyuki Yamaguchi, Representative Director

Managing Partner of Abies Ventures








“Effective advertising requires optimizing the placement and the timing in a timely fashion,” said Wataru Kishimoto, TV Market Development Manager at Radio TV Business Producer Bureau of Dentsu. “A Star Quantum has been the pioneer in the quantum computing space. By combining their capabilities and Dentsu’s experience and insights in the advertising space, we expect to advance the technology that will make a huge impact in the society.”


Wataru Kishimoto, TV Market Development Manager at Radio TV Business Producer Bureau of Dentsu








A Star Quantum will increase its efforts in collaborating with partners such as Dentsu and conducting joint research in creating new business opportunities in the logistics, advertising,  insurance, finance, medicine, and many other spaces, and in hiring of talented engineers and researchers. The company will continue to make efforts to evolve into a global leading company in the field of quantum computing software development.




■ About A Star Quantum

A Star Quantum was founded in July 2018 with the vision that will contribute to the evolution of humankind by optimizing social issues that are difficult to solve with conventional science, based on quantum computing. The company has been conducting research and development to solve the combination problems mainly in the logistics and advertising field in particular. The industry is gradually developing in the intensifying research and development competitions related to quantum computers by countries around the world and major IT companies. A Star Quantum aims to immediately contribute to the establishment of basic technology for quantum computing, establish technology related to both the gate method and the annealing method, and develop software that can be used for businesses in order to create added value for its customers.


* A quantum computer is a computer that is expected to solve problems that cannot be solved in a realistic time and scale with conventional computers.  It uses quantum mechanical phenomena such as superposition and quantum entanglement. There is a lot of research on the principle of performing quantum calculations using "quantum gates", however, other methods are also being researched and developed.



■ Comments from other investors and business partners


NEC Capital Solutions

Solution Headquarters Venture Fund Manager

Mr. Kazuo Kunieda


In a society where digitalization is accelerating by digital transformation (DX), the quantum annealing technology that realizes overall harmonization and optimization is considered to be one of the most important technologies for social infrastructure.

Among the startups in this area, A Star Quantum is one of the first to implement the application to the advertising area and the logistics area.  NEC Capital Solutions recognizes that it can be a top runner in the social implementation of quantum annealing technology and thus decided to invest in it.  I hope that this technology will be put into practical use as soon as possible.




Mitsubishi UFJ Capital

President and CEO

Mr. Shinsuke Sakamoto


In the early quantum computing market, A Star Quantum, which has strengths in quantum computer software development, has been conducting proof-of-concept experimentations with various major companies.  Mitsubishi UFJ Capital believes A Star Quantum is a leading startup in the quantum computing market in Japan and thus decided to invest in it. As a member of MUFG Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital would like to support it by exploring a wide range of future growth opportunities, such as cooperation with large companies and support for the company to become a publicly listed company in the future.




NBC Angel Fund No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership

Jigyou Souzou Capital. Co.Ltd.


Mr. Mitsutoshi Sato


Quantum computers, which are thought as next-generation computers, are an unknown field, including their potential. Jigyou Souzou Capital has great expectation for A Star Quantum that it will work on implementation and realize the potential of quantum computers in various ways.  Jigyou Souzou as a venture capital firm would like to support A Star Quantum to be a pioneer of making the new history of quantum computing.






Plug and Play Ventures, Associate

Plug and Play Japan

Mr. Kohei Suzuki


Plug and Play believes that A Star Quantum can become a leading company in the same field that will evolve not only Japan but also the world to a new stage of computing through quantum computers. Plug and Play is very honored to be associated with A Star Quantum.

As a global venture capital firm with more than 30 locations around the world, Plug and Play will help accelerate the company's expansions to the global markets.






Plug and Play Ventures, Senior Associate

Plug and Play Tech Center

Mr. Milad Malek


I am excited and inspired to join this round and work alongside the team at A Star Quantum. Their team has the drive and experience to revolutionize computing and provide fresh business insights in a wide range of industries. By combining forces with Plug and Play, and leveraging our corporate innovation platform, A Star Quantum will be in a unique position to succeed on a global scale.





■ Comments from CEO of A Star Quantum


Koji Funabashi, Representative Director and CEO of A Star Quantum


I have a magnificent dream that could make others laugh - I want to accelerate civilization and save humanity from all kinds of crises and difficulties. I want to help.

I spent my early days of my life as a computer geek, and later I was blessed with the opportunity to co-author a book on quantum physics, and I was drawn into that world. Later, as I entered the IT industry and worked on many large-scale service developments, I came to realize that quantum computers could contribute to fields that were difficult to solve with conventional thinking. Dr. Richard Feynman, a physicist who can never be ignored when talking about quantum physics, made us very impressed, when he gave us advice when writing the book on quantum physics as mentioned above, and I firmly believed my life was finally connected with my dream. Founded A Star Quantum two years ago as a quantum computer specialist startup, we have been working with various companies so far, and it is these efforts that we were able to receive investment from the investors. I understand that the investors have appraised us of having a great outlook for the future. I would like to accelerate own efforts, continue to pursue the dream as mentioned in the beginning, and increase the value of the company.




【Company Profile】

Company name: A Star Quantum

Representative Director: Koji Funabashi, CEO

Location: 6F, Spline Aoyama Tokyu Building, 3-1-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established: July 2018

Business: Quantum computer software development

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